Some of the common habits that build a healthy relationship

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Success of any relationship depends on the approach of both the partners. The likes and dislikes of the people involved in a relationship also play an important part. Improving the trustworthiness and building a strong relationship takes time. It is important to understand each other and take time before saying the three golden words. Some of the important factors that can help in forming a long term relationship are:

Spending quality time

It is important for you to make sure that you spend quality time with your partner. Make sure that you spend special moments in life together. Your focus should always be on making your partner feel special. You should never take your relationship for granted.


Always appreciate the good work done by your partner and keep motivating them in life. You should always remember that you are the biggest support for him/her. They require your help during bad situations and only you can help them fight back when they feel down. Keep appreciating every single effort of your partner and try to become a good critic. Critics will always be there but what is important is the motivation that they get from you.


If there is no “respect” in a relationship then you cannot expect it to be a longterm relationship. Relationships don’t last long if couples don’t respect each other. There should be a certain level of respect for each other and you should learn to respect your partner in many forms. Even in a relationship between the employer and employee depends on the respect that they have for each other. Whether it is a firm on or any other field, you would always demand a certain level of respect.


People get into a relationship only because they trust each other. Once trust is broken then the relationship falls apart and people cannot expect to win back the trust of their partner. Never hurt your partner and don’t make them feel that they made a mistake by selecting you.