Why Domestic Violence is a Major Social Issue

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Domestic violence is a social ill or a public health issue that’s not limited to any particular strata of society in low-income countries but is a worldwide phenomenon. Statistically speaking, nearly 7.7 million people have to put up with domestic violence annually out of which 4.8 million happen to be women. The ramifications of domestic abuse and violence can indeed be profound permanently scarring the lives of countless individuals.

People all over the world are increasingly waking up to the disgust and dreadfulness of domestic violence and how the same can adversely impact the victims both mentally and physically. Victims of domestic violence increasingly suffer from PTSD, depression, anxiety as well as are extremely vulnerable to asthma, strokes, drug abuse, and heart disease. Those who are subjected to domestic violence from an early age right from their childhood bear the scars all through their lives as a result of which a majority of them die prematurely.

Healthcare provided to the sufferers and victims of domestic violence costs upwards of $5 billion every year and approximately 8 million workdays are lost annually. Contrary to popular belief, domestic violence doesn’t only imply physical torture or abuse. Domestic aggression and torture also takes the forms of economic, sexual, verbal, and psychological abuse.

Domestic violence, physically and emotionally, doesn’t discriminate between economic classes, religion, sex or culture. Though the majority of victims invariably happen to be women, the elderly, children, and even healthy men are not free from abuse that happens inside homes. For that matter, LGBT relationships are also besmirched by domestic violence.

It is imperative that we understand the implications of domestic violence not only on a macro (society and economy) basis but also on a micro basis (families). We should the best we can to address domestic violence per se, empathize with the victims, and look for ways to check it.

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