How to Keep Yourself from Getting Brainwashed

Brainwashing as a technique where the abuser or exploiter tries to exercise psychical control over you has been practiced since time immemorial. However the term ‘brainwashing’ was coined in the fifties of the 20th Cent by Edward Hunter-an American journalist. Techniques and methods of brainwashing have been documented in Scientology texts and in the ‘Book of the Dead’ that were written by Egyptian priests circa 1500BC.

Brainwashing procedures and methods have been extensively used by dictators, renegades, extremists, terrorists, cult leaders, occult societies, psychics, voodooists, and even by domineering parents and partners. Firearms, drugs, and mystical powers are not exploited to influence you psyche but the schemes are invariably unethical. Nowadays, almost every power politician, statesman or diplomat, advertisers, manufacturers, and media barons take advantage of brainwashing modes to create an impact.

Brainwashing or mind control that generally used to be practiced in an extreme form by cult members of Ku Klux Klan or Freemasonry are now being exploited by the aforementioned professionals. Some of the most noteworthy techniques of brainwashing include selecting from a plethora of options all of which have the same end and constantly hammering you with a specific image, tagline or expression so that it gets ingrained in your consciousness. The best way to avoid getting indoctrinated or brainwashed is to shut self out of the medium-the brainwasher.

However, it is easier said than done as doing so would require you to isolate yourself from the society. After all, you cannot completely stop watching TV or enjoying the movies so what you’d need to do is to follow the middle path or try to seek balance in whatever you say or do. You can adopt the following strategies:-

  • Understand the signs, signals, and messages related to manipulation
  • Try to look for messages and signals that can counteract or neutralize the manipulative ones
  • Always keep yourself posted on latest information about as many topics and themes that are trending currently

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