How to Salvage a Relationship on the Verge of Breaking

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Relationships are not complicated or indefinable or change with time, its people who’re complex and difficult to fathom. Its individuals like me and you who keep on pulling the strings in order to control our partners’ actions and events because we want everything to be perfect in a relationship. Unfortunately, the bitter truth is that despite the best efforts, most of us are not able to keep a relationship from falling apart.

More often than not, a relationship splutters, chokes, and ultimately breaks down not because of incompatibility but because the partners didn’t do enough to prevent the breakup. There are some strained relationships that have reached a point of no-return so attempting to salvage them would be a futile exercise but there are associations which can still be salvaged if partners sincerely try to.

  1. It’s the ‘we’ in a relationship and not ‘I’

Though this goes without saying, it takes two individuals to forge a relationship, nurture the association, and keep it going. So, when you’re in a relationship, the ‘I’ becomes ‘we’ which implies you must rein in your ‘ego’ whenever there’s an argument over an issue. In a relationship, the needs, preferences, and interests of your partner matter as much as yours. Try to respect the feelings and emotions of your mate who’s as much human as you are.

  1. Communicate meaningfully

Always try to communicate and convey your thoughts and feelings in a proper manner as well as learn to realize when to speak up and when not to.

  1. Relive the past

Visit some of the spots and places where you two used to spend a lot of time when the relationship was in a developmental phase.

  1. Be a little more submissive

You don’t always have to show that you’re wearing the pants in a relationship. Remember the bonding is more about give and take and less about domination.

  1. Be reciprocal in your dealings and approach      

If you wish the relationship to last, then you should be reciprocal and mutual in your dealings-live by the rules that you’d expect your partner to follow.

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